Ethiopia entery requirment covid-19 -update

UPDATE: Ethiopia Entry Requirement in Relation to COVID-19

UPDATE: Ethiopia Palced a new entry requirement for all travelers entering the country in relation to COVID-19. According to the Ethiopian Airlines statment: – All passengers arriving Ethiopia need to hold negative PCR test certificate before arrival. The certificate needs to be under 120 hours old. This regulation is effective 23rd of Sep 2020. – […]

ethiopian airlines baggage allowance new 2020

UPDATE: Ethiopian Airlines Changed Excess Baggage Prices

Ethiopian Airlines is introducing a new excess baggage rate for travel between the United States/Canada gateways and Addis Ababa effective September 1st, 2020. According to the Ethiopian airlines update, the New Excess Baggage Prices will be as follows. Traveling from the United States and Canada to Ethiopia New excess baggage rate: Up to 50lb – […]

Ethiopia Changed Regulations & Reduce Quarantine Time for Travelers

Ethiopia Changed Regulations & Reduce Quarantine Time for Travelers Addis Ababa, June 19, 2020 – Ethiopian Ministry of Health has announced today that the country has relaxed some of the regulations put in place by the government to fight the spread of coronavirus pandemic. The Health Minister, Dr. Lia Tadesse has announced improvements on guidelines […]

china flight cancellation updates

Ethiopian Airlines Canceled Some Flights to and from China

Ethiopian Airlines announced that it had canceled some of its scheduled China-bound flights from and to Addis Ababa due to the spreading of deadly and ongoing coronavirus outbreak that’s already killed over 170 people and sickened thousands. The death toll from the virus rose to 170 on Thursday, with a total of 7,711 infected. Over the […]